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Compare and contrast the poets and desires to protect the child and how they are presented in “Born Yesterday” and “Nettles” In my essay I will explore the ways how Vernon Scannell and Philip Larkin desire to protect child. Both poems are about adult wanting to protect a child. “Nettles” is about a father protecting his son from the actual “damage”, pain. “Born Yesterday” is desire to protect child from difficulties of the life. Poem “Nettles” is about father who is quite young and Inexperienced. He wants to protect his son by violence, from any kind of danger. “But my son will often feel sharps wounds again.” In this poem whole danger showed by pain of nettles. In poem “Born Yesterday” there is anther way of protecting child. The poet (god father) wants to protect the child from the useless wishes that people make for newborn children, which in his mind can cause difficulties in life. He uses the phrase to emphasise attention on him as well it counts like evidence (PPE). “I wished You Something Non of the others would” One of the similarities of this poem is that both of them got similar structure, the poem goes in our mind like story , as well they use both metaphors , but to show different feelings. The differences in desires to protect the child are the ways that they use to do it. How I told you before “Nettles” got a desire to protect child by violence, and destroying the danger what can harm his child. “And went outside and slashed in fury with it” Linking to that “Born Yesterday” protects a child by making her strong and well talented that she can coupe with all problem, showing that everything in her life would be average. Giving her a wish to become average person. “Nothing uncustomary to pull you of the balance ” In “Nettles” attitude towards child is showing in violent metaphors using military vocabulary, to show the danger

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