The Grasshopper And The Bell Cricket

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"The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket" Essay one "To Be or Not To Be Skunked" “The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket” is a fable, told by an unknown narrator who encounters a group of children who are on an insect hunt at the University. Each of the children is holding an exquisitely colorful lantern. “There were about twenty lanterns. Not only were there crimson, pink, indigo, green, purple, and yellow lanterns, but one lantern glowed with five colors at once”. The patterns and artwork helped to emit a rainbow of color and artistry. The narrator is intrigued by the children playing and cannot stop watching their interactions with one another. The narrator’s attention becomes focused on two adolescents and what their insect lights unintentionally display… love, romance and hope. The fable starts very innocently with a simple creepy-crawly expedition. Each child is on his own to hunt and capture the insect of their choosing. Most readers can relate to a time in their life where it was a challenge to capture an insect….. a butterfly, firefly, or cricket. The idea that the decision regarding which bug to capture may determine our mate for life would never cross our minds! In this tale, the two children, “Fujio and Kiyoko”, just knew they were having fun finding bugs, but fables always have an underlying lesson and this tale makes no exception. The narrator watches the tale unfold and informs the reader as he drifts in and out of reality to complete each scene. At the end, the narrator witnesses a special moment among the children they will never know occurred. Because he is observing from the outside, he is privileged to experience it and share it with the reader. The young children hear Fujio excitedly say that he has caught a grasshopper. Kiyoko is very excited when she is offered the specimen. When Fujio gives her the ‘grasshopper’, she points out

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