Greasy Lake Short Story

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Growing Up Greasy Lake by T. Coraghessan Boyle and How I met my Husband by Alice Munro are two short stories where the protagonists are similar but yet different. The nineteen year old narrator (“the Narrator”) and fifteen years old Edie are characters with whom a reader can empathize with because of what they experience. The Narrator’s life is changed by the trauma he encountered during that one night where Edie’s life is changed over a course of time, both lack life experience and even though they both lack this experience, the Narrator is forced to grow up where Edie grows up all on her own. In Greasy Lake the setting is important because it foreshadows the word bad in every sense. The Narrator explains how the Lake is outside of the…show more content…
The Narrator’s character development is seen at this time, he is now forced to grow up, to go from being an inexperienced nineteen year old whose definition of bad was weak to that of a potential murderer and rapist. For the first time in his life the Narrator stares at true badness and he does not like it because he “contemplated suicide” and all he wants to do is “go home to my parents’ house and crawl into bed” (Boyle 130). In How I met my Husband, Edie who is fifteen and is just as inexperience in life as the Narrator but is more mature. The setting in this story is also important because it sets the tone for the indirect presentation of the protagonist. Edie finds herself in her first job, she lives away from home in a farm “about five miles out of town,” (Boyle 203) takes care of the home, the children, and the Peebles’ needs. Edie is away from civilization and isolated, which keeps her from experiencing

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