Pt1420 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

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Individual Assignment Operating System (COMP20004)-FALL-2016-CW2 Linux Operating System Student Name: Ahoud Thani Alsaadi ID NO: 12F9677 Submitted to: Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh Table of content: Pages Contents No 2 Task 1 1 3 Task 2 b 2 4 Task 3 c 3 5 Task 4 d 4 6 Task 5 e 5 6 7 8 9 Task 1 First full, I choose Linux operating system and development OS it is open source. It has built from a lot of programmers. Linux is one of the most examples of free software. Also, there are many users work on Linux system and programmers begin to develop and constructive. In fact, the memory management effective and economical. Also, to free memory you must restart the other platform every few days and hours. This…show more content…
Linux also does not need virtual memory Hero to be a force in thousand overview of how the stuff in order to function usefully. It will be displayed and described the data structure used by the kernel memory management. ⎫ Address type Linux: Is the virtual memory system. The title is seen by software users do not stop with the actual address. Virtual memory also allows for a lot of number type stuff when you run the program in the provision in memory system. The program also, includes memory had to be in the memory of the machine. The kernel is not clear in the used memory should be interested. ⎫ Structure and title page: The pages are separated in the form of memory it has to units. A lot of system deals with memory of the machine as are each size page. Also, every page is different from the next page many of the regulations now gives a flexed size pages (4096 bytes) virtual . However, physical memory admission to the page number and displacement to the page. If it uses 4096 bytes. ⎫ Page table: In the most to the system it is used in the translation of the title outwardly physical address. This process is called page

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