Gattaca Creative Essay

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Gattaca Creative Essay Describe the day in the life of Jerome. What does he do? How does he feel? Jerome woke up and started spewing up all over the floor next to his bed due to his hangover, and as he looked around he saw alcohol bottles everywhere. As he got up he looked at his legs and remembered the accident and how it paralyzed him waist down. He got into his wheelchair and went over to his desk, and he opened his top draw and spotted his photo album. As he was looking through the photos he saw his family, his wife called Caitlin, and his two sons named Timothy, and George. Jerome then remembers all of the good times and he also remembers what he had lost, and it brought a tear to his eye. Ever since the accident he drank more and more Vodka. That morning he looked out of his window and saw a spaceship take off, which reminded him of how he used to work at Gattaca. Jerome always wondered what his parents thought of him, the last time he saw his parents was before the accident. Jerome figured that they would be angry and disappointed because he was supposed to be the perfect human being. The next day Jerome went and visited Gattaca to remember what it was like to work there and to be appreciated. Jerome spotted a man standing there, staring into the window where only a valid was allowed. Jerome figured he worked there, and he approached him. “Do you work here at Gattaca?” yes replied the man. “What is your name?” Vincent, he replied. “Do you have a goal or a dream you want to accomplish in your life time?”, “I do, my dream is to be able to go up there.” Up where, replied Jerome? “Up in space, I have been only dreaming about it.” Jerome then asked Vincent
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