Walter Lee Younger-Change Throughout The Story

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Waler Lee Younger Like the seasons, people change; for better or for worse. It is weird to think about what it takes for some people to realize their need for change, sadly. In the story A Rasin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Lee Younger is a character that changes significantly throughout the playwrite. He has great dreams for his future, which pushed his growth from irresponsibility, to a man with Pride. Mr. Younger had many pleasant and joyful moments stolen from him in this novel due to his irresponsible actions. For example, one evening Ruth had received a phone call. The caller was the wife of the man that Walter drives for, Saying walter had been a no-show to work for the past three days. “Mama: What you been doing for these three days, son?” (105) Walter replied by telling her he spent his work time just driving, roaming the streets of their small are, and drinking at the Green Hat. (105) Also, after Walter was finally given another chance to prove himself a man, he disobeyed his mother. Lena told him that he could have a share of the money, if he put a small some into a safe bank account for his sister Beneatha. (106) Instead of doing so, Walter poured every single cent of the money into the hands of another man. Karma came back to bite him for his Selfish actions. “Man, Willy is gone…” (128) Was the harsh news that peirced Walters ears. He spread the news, “…All of it…It’s all gone…”(129) Bitterly, the words spread about the room. Walter had proven himself irresponsible. With all the irresponsibility, came a man filled with hopes and dreams. This man hoped that one day he could live his version of the American Dream, and own a business. When trying to talk about it or work towards his goal, it seemed everyone shot him down. Even his own wife, “…his woman say…your eggs is getting cold!” (34) who would just ignore his words, and tell him to

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