Are Comic Books Worth The Price Essay

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Imagine, a kid walks into a comic book store for the first time. His face beaming with excitement, ready to use the $2 from his allowance. But, when he's looks at the price for the comic he wants, it says $2.99, and not $2 or less. Suddenly he realizes his trip was wasted, and walks out of the store with his smile upside down. If you think about it, a trip to the comic book store will cost you about $40. But, that $40 could also be used to go to the movies, buy a video game, or even buy a few paperback novels. People have been debating whether their trip the comic book store has been worth it for a while. Although SOME prices may not be all that great, some comics are worth the price. For example, “DC comics” are usually $2.99, which is a somewhat fair price. But, there are some companies like “MARVEL” that make comics that cost $3.99, which is a…show more content…
A Lot of times comics aren't always worth it. In the article “Are Comic Books Too Expensive?” by Sara Jane, it says “Think about it, you go to the store, buy 10 comics and probably end up dropping $40. Each comic you’ll probably read in about 15 minutes, so that makes about 2.5 hours of entertainment. For the same price, you could do one of the following: See 3-4 movies in the theatre, purchase 2 movies, purchase a video game, or purchase 3 paperback novels. Any of these options will equate to more entertainment hours then 10 comic books.” So, is $40 worth of comics better than going to the movies with your friends. In one word, no. Would you rather have 10 comic book for $40, which is about 2.5 hours of reading, or a video game, that could take a couple of weeks to complete? I’d take the video game. Even though comics are great, I’m not gonna waste $40 on comics, but rather do some of the following in the quote above. Maybe comic book retailers should be rethinking their
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