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“I really do encourage other manufacturers to bring electric cars to market. It's a good thing, and they need to bring it to market and keep iterating and improving and make better and better electric cars.” Said Elon Musk. Electric car is an electrical vehicle that uses chemical energy stored in its’ rechargeable battery, they are one of earliest creations amongst the automobiles devised by the famed engineer Thomas Parker 1884. Nevertheless, electric cars didn’t see the light after the evolution of internal combustion engines and mass production of low-priced gasoline powered vehicles led to deterioration in the use of electric vehicles. However, by the beginning of 21th century and the increased percentage of greenhouse gasses emissions;…show more content…
For example the cost of electric vehicle maintenance costs is lower than conventional gasoline vehicle by twenty eight percent on an annualized basis. According to Pistoia (2010) electric vehicles characteristically offer lower maintenance costs compared with gasoline vehicles. As there are significantly less moving parts in electric vehicles, the electric engines are competently maintenance free, and it does not need periodic oil changes. Though there are needs for periodic battery set checkups, but in general maintenance expenses for electric vehicles are evidently low. Furthermore, electric vehicles since it’s powered by electricity which is generally less costly than other fuels including gasoline, many Utilities in Untied States of America recommend special “time of use” rates for electric vehicles proprietors that can be used in concurrence with separate utility meters to charge for the electricity used for electric vehicle charging. Given that battery electric cars usually are recharged at night when power is often cheaper, the owners benefit from these rates. In addition, separate metering is available that allows electric cars owners to prevent their electricity usage from increasing…show more content…
Kliesch (2011) wrote that electric automobiles are obviously cleaner than most of the vehicles that are roaming the streets, today’s electric cars are in reality guilty for some pollution, yet by considering many factors they are a cleaner alternative than wide variety automobiles which are now available. Besides if companies created utilization of sustainable energy, the future for electric cars will just be stunning. Nonetheless as he mentioned that electric cars are responsible for toxic gases secretions due to the power plant emissions which transmogrify oil into electric power, except in terms of calculations and accurate studies, Negoiţescu, A., & Tokar, A. (2013) stated that it can be seen that for the production of electricity expected to power up electric automobiles, (263.76 MtCO2) are released into the troposphere. In spite of this, if one compare this price to the amount of CO2 depleted by petrol and diesel vehicles , it gives the idea that if all classic cars would be supplanted with electric ones, CO2 emissions would be diminished by about 500 times. Despite the fact that Electric cars are moderately new at the mass production scale and are not yet answering many demands of improved expense, range and charging pace. Each of which will be aided by enhancing

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