Kain Principles: Continuous Improvement Techniques

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Section 1: Continuous improvement techniques [LO1] This section will help you to evidence Learning Outcome 1: Know about continuous improvement techniques (Kaizen). Learning objective | Place in Assessment | 1.1 Identify the main Kaizen principles and their application | Question 1, Page 1Question 2, Page 2,3,4,5 | 1. What are the four main Kaizen principles? Identify each one below. [1.1] ------------------------------------------------- Organisation can improve their performance through innovation and continuous improvement. This could be achieved by offering promotional activities/opportunities, higher earning potentials, a better pension and other similar benefits. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Kaizen principles refer to the point in which continuous improvement of a product in any business environment started. The products, the production means, operations, the machinery, and in short everything can and should be continuously improved. ------------------------------------------------- Kaizen means improvement, continuous improvement by all the workers in an organisation from directors, to managers, to…show more content…
Using the table below, prepare a standardised work document that suggests ways to eliminate variance for a chosen process where you work. Alternatively, choose one of the following processes: [4.2] * Safe preparation of food at a fast food restaurant * Operating a supply lift in a supermarket * Locking up an office for the weekend Your standardised work document should include factors such as: * Types of material used * Description of the process (inputs/outputs) * How work flows * Layout of the area * People involved * Kind of actions that occur * Time taken * Any tools used. Work process document | Name: Standardised Work Document | Work process: Locking up the office for the weekend
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