Hcr 220 Week 6 Evaluation And Research

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Week 6 Lecture What a great class this has been. We are going to wrap up the class by talking about the organization of the future. Research has shown us that leading companies envision an endlessly changing organization. And, that reconfigurable is a term that describes an organization that is flexible and able to change on an annual, monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly time frame. Since workers are achieving higher educational levels, there is a resulting increase in the level of motivational needs. So, when OD is used in an organization, its results have to be measured. The criteria of effectiveness for OD practitioner are: • Stability of the OD effort after implementation. • Ability of client system to maintain innovation or the development of a self-renewal capacity. Since change is…show more content…
If the OD program is initiated in one division, the results are used to demonstrate the effectiveness to another division. Practice and familiarity with the new methods help to reinforce the change and institutionalize it. • Evaluate the OD program results - Evaluations are important for three groups. 1. Key decision makers; 2. OD participants and; OD specialists. The three factors determine the evaluation process are: 1. Training of OD specialist, 2. Cooperation of organization members and 3. Willingness of decision makers to pay for evaluation. Termination of the practitioner-client relationship is the final stage of the OD process and may occur when the basic change objectives accomplished. This happens when either the practitioner or the client believes that little more can be accomplished or there is a diminishing rate of return for the efforts expended. Throughout the final process, disengagement will call for a gradual reduction of the practitioner’s help at the

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