Unit 332 Essay

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Unit 332 Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young peoples settings (1.1, 1.2, 3.1) Sam Darroch Date 24.03.2014 I have evaluated my practice as outstanding with some elements of good. The areas that I have assessed as “outstanding” are: Have dedicated time with adults leading the learning to liase/co-plan/discuss (elements of) lessons and share feedback about the progress of targeted learners (or systems in place to receive feedback e.g notes) and discuss future targets. Interact with key targeted learner(s) in all parts of the lesson – enabled to do this by the adult leading the learning. Use appropriate resources to support and drive learning effectively. Are very well managed by adults leading learning. Share the same high expectations as teachers and senior staff. Relate very well to learners in the classroom and expect them to work hard. Engage in regular conversations with adults leading the learning about the learner progress to plan and carry out assessments. Actively encourage and support learners in becoming independent. Will lead learning “guided” groups, modelling concepts and language that the adult leading the learning has used. Will alter an activity or change the apparatus if an activity does not meet the learners needs to enable them to achieve or exceed the expected outcome. Are acutely aware of learners capabilities/prior learning/understanding and plan very effectively to build on these. The areas that I have assessed as “good” and therefore need improving are: Enable learners to access resources appropriately – I feel that I need to make more time to be able to show the children how they can get the best from the resources that they have available to them. Whether it be increasing their construction ability with the junk modelling or how they can use the malleable play, I feel
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