Crucible Essays

  • The Crucible—Act I Review Sheet

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    How do you explain Betty’s behavior? We find out that in the forest they did dance and conjure up spirits. Mercy ran around naked and Abigail drank a charm of blood to kill John Proctor’s wife. Betty faked her illness so she would have to deal with the consequences of her part in witchcraft. 4.

  • The Crucible - Act 1 Summary

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    The Putnams are the first to openly suggest that the town is afflicted by witchcraft (which was thought of at the time almost as we might think of an infectious disease nowadays, but worse!). They want Parris to root out the witches within the community. Parris sends for a local expert, Reverend Hale, then questions Abigail about the events that took place in the forest, but she admits to doing nothing more than dancing. While Parris tries to calm the crowd, the seventeen year old Abigail threatens the other, younger girls that she will kill anyone who utters a word about what happened. We learn that something more sinister than dancing was going on in the woods and that Abigail drank chicken blood as part of a spell to kill Elizabeth Proctor.

  • Abigail Williams vs. Elizabeth Proctor

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    She was dismissed from her job as a servant because she had slept with the man she was working for, whom was married. Her name was blushed throughout the town because of her actions involving John Proctor. In the middle of the play Abigail Williams’ secret was revealed when people found out about the witchcraft she took place in in the beginning of the play in the forest. Knowing Abigail’s reputation as a liar she knew she could get away with it again. She had people fooled to believe that she had god in her and she could see the evil in people and could tell if they were in witchcraft.

  • John Proctor Reverend Hale

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    John Proctor and Reverend Hale In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the Salem witch trails are occurring, many innocent people are being accused of witchery. This occurs because many of the girls are found dancing and chanting different lyrics in the woods in the beginning of the play-this is a sign of witchcraft. The girls confess that people of Salem are sending their spirits to hurt them and that they are also communicating with the devil. Through out the play, John Proctor and Reverend Hale change because of their circumstances that they undergo during the trials. John Proctor is a farmer on the outside of Salem.

  • The Main Instagators in the Crucible

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    Abigial really ignites the fire by blaming Tituba for "bewitching her". As soon as Tituba confesses to witchcraft, to save her herself, and tells Mr. Hale and Rev. Parris that she saw Goody Good and Goody Osburn with the devil, all the girls start naming off names of women all around Salem that they supposedly saw with the Devil. Mary Warren is to blame for many innocent deaths as well. Mary was the housewife for John and Elizabeth Proctor.

  • Who's to Blame in the Salem Witch Trials?

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    Who’s to blame in the Salem witch trials? Deep inside a town in Massachusetts, innocent people were accused of the devil’s work. Twenty-five people dead, an entire village on the brink of insanity, and a gathering of young girls possessed by demons defined the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. What began as a childish game metamorphosed itself into mass hysteria. A combination of irresponsibility and village politics led to the demise of innocence.

  • Ergotism and the Salem Witch Trials

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    The village was torn apart after the doctor (unable to explain the strange behavior of three young girls) suggested that the cause of their madness was the work of the devil, and accusations of witchcraft began to fly. With the suspicion that the devil may be afoot, chaos erupted and resulted in the nineteen villagers found guilty of witchcraft to be hung. Over the centuries, historians have thought this to be the result of a dysfunctional community, and primarily neighborhood feuding. However, a modern study has led scientist Linnda Caporael to come to the conclusion that a fungus called Ergot* that grows rye wheat is responsible for the odd behaviors of these villagers. When consumed, the fungus causes hallucinations, leading Caporael to suspect Ergot as the cause for the girls’ strange behaviors.

  • Reports on the Salem Witch Craft Trials

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    The physical appearance of the woman concluded the examination and marked them as witches, due to physical signs left by the devil such as a "wart." Ann, and her parents accused many more townspeople, typically those who were enemies of the family. The accusation sent fear to the people as villagers believed that anyone could be a witch. By the time Ann's witch hunt was over, she had accused 62 people . Tituba denied to have practiced any witchcraft and was beated by Parris to confess as he would promise her freedom.

  • Paradox of Puritan Society

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    Many Puritans believe that extermination for society was the only way to cure said sinner and to “save” the society. In the Crucible by Arthur miller, John Proctor the main antagonists faces the wrath of the town of Salem. When he first discovers that his daughter may be under the influence of witchcraft, he immediately takes charge. In the Scarlett Letter by David Hawthorne, society changes the main character of Hester Prynne completely. After committing adultery, she must then face the consequences that society has in store for her.

  • The Crucible Critical Anylysis

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    Eileen Tello Ms.Fedor English lll Date: 11/10/12 Period: 9 The Crucible and Hysteria The Crucible brings to life the dark period in our history which is called the Salem Witch Trials. To give a brief description of the book it is about a girl named Abigail Williams and her friends accusing people in the town of Salem of witchcraft so that she will not be punished for dancing in the woods. Not only for the dancing but also for drinking a potion that was meant to kill the wife of John Proctor, the man she committed adultery with. The girls have the town going completely insane because they are all looking out and accusing people of being witches, mostly for greed so they may get their land. Throughout this book, the author has a lot of underlying themes, such as integrity, hysteria, and the danger of ideology.

  • Belonging in the Crucible

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    At the start of the story, she has already given herself to a married man, John Proctor and had been kicked out of the Proctor house for it. Therefore demonstrates her “not belonging’ in the Salem community. She gains power by manipulating a group of girls into following her. To hide their guilt over activities that they know will separate themselves from the Salem society; the girls begin to hypocritically accuse innocent members of Salem of practising witchcraft and devil worship. They manage to hold their whole community to ransom and have people undergo trials and executed.

  • The Crucible John Proctor Analysis

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    The Crucible by Arthur Miller is based on the true story of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials where people were hanged if they were accused of being a witch. The majority of the characters in the play were innocent and wrongly hanged. John Proctor is a tragic hero and is crucial to the play’s storyline. John Proctor is a thirty-year-old Christian farmer who lives in Salem, with his wife and three children. Before the play takes place, he has an affair with a former worker in his house, Abigail Williams.

  • Motives In The Crucible

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    Fueled by vengeance and jealously of Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail Williams determines that the only way she can have John Proctor to herself is by killing Elizabeth, or accusing her of witchcraft. In The Crucible Abigail Williams is the main advocate for the group of young girls who falsely accuse others to protect themselves. When Abigail Williams along with the other young girls of Salem are caught dancing in the woods, she immediately places the blame on Tituba and other women in the community. This continues throughout the trials until she has webbed a web of intricate lies that even she cannot get out of. Abigail's underlying motives are, “a blend of vengeance and desire” (“Introduction” xix).

  • Crucible Critical Essay

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    For I See the Devil . In Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” He stresses the fact of foils among a community. The town of Salem begins to crumble at the foundation due to a young girl Abigail Williams claming she has practiced witchcraft. Causing the death of several innocent town folk, while in puritan religion if on has dammed themselves to hell all are dammed as well. Know Compared to Abigail all look like saints but none due this better than her complete foil Elizabeth Proctor a pure puritan woman, who goes to the extent of damming herself to hell to save her husband John.

  • Crucible Character Analysis

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    “More weight”(Miller 1247) , when Giles Corey said this he was being slowly pressed to his death by a giant stone. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a somewhat historically accurate play about the Salem witch trials that he wrote as an extended metaphor to show how he felt after being persecuted during the red scare. The initial outcry of witches happened after a few girls were caught dancing and conducting witchcraft in the woods the girls then blamed other people in order to protect themselves from punishment. From then on anyone who denied being a witch was charged with witchcraft and there were numerous examples where innocent people were killed trying to protect their innocence or family. The plot of the crucible mainly follows John Proctor who is a struggling christian in the puritan society.

  • Influence of Fear

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    I know this because Tituba lies to save her life. Tituba confessed a lie of being in contact with the devil, knowing if she fought against witchcraft, she would hang. Abigail and her friends were dancing, drinking chicken blood, and running nude in the forest. Meanwhile, Tituba conjured spirits. Tituba confesses to her master Reverend Paris.

  • Salem Witchcraft Trial

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    “The Salem witchcraft trials were in the winter of 1691 to 1692(The Lesson of Salem).” The daughter, Betty Parris, and the niece of Samuel Parris, a minister in Salem Village, Massachusetts began to dabble in magic. “These girls were caught dancing with Tituba (Famous American Trials).” Reverend Parris caught them dancing, but Abigail had blood on her. Betty caught a glance at her father and fainted and was carried back to her house. She did not move when her father was in the room. She lay still till her father would leave the room and then the girls would talk to her.

  • The Crucible: Truth Is a Powerful Thing

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    In the story the importance of truth is highlighted when the girls lied about the reasoning behind their behavior and falsely accused other people of witchcraft, when Elizabeth lied about the reasoning behind Abigail’s termination from work, and when John Proctor wanted to keep his dignity and the truth behind his name. Many people lost their innocent lives because of girls that did not want to get in trouble for dancing in the forest. The girls speak about seeing the innocent people with devil which led to the trial and hangings of those people. “Abigail: I saw Sarah Good with the devil. I saw Goody Osburn with the devil.

  • Ignorance Is Never Better Than Knowledge

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    "The Crucible", written by Arthur Miller, and "The Scarlet Letter", written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The first novel, "The Crucible" exemplifies the quote "Ignorance is never better than knowledge", through Puritan beliefs. Almost everyone in "The Crucible" was of the Puritan religion and they were large believers in witchcraft. In the story, one of the main characters, Reverend Parris catches a group of girls dancing in the woods, which is against the Puritan religion. Everyone then finds out about the incident, and thinks they are all criminals of witchcraft.

  • The Crucible Analysis

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    The play opens in a scene of chaos; Betty Parris, daughter of Reverend Parris, has slipped into what is now known as a coma. When Betty does not awaken, the townspeople immediately turn to witchcraft as the reason for what is happening. Jealousy causes many of the people to accuse others of witchcraft. Debates over property lines occur; neighbors are at each others’ throats. Centering now upon John Proctor, and his wife, Elizabeth, the story takes a turn.