The Crucible Critical Anylysis

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Eileen Tello Ms.Fedor English lll Date: 11/10/12 Period: 9 The Crucible and Hysteria The Crucible brings to life the dark period in our history which is called the Salem Witch Trials. To give a brief description of the book it is about a girl named Abigail Williams and her friends accusing people in the town of Salem of witchcraft so that she will not be punished for dancing in the woods. Not only for the dancing but also for drinking a potion that was meant to kill the wife of John Proctor, the man she committed adultery with. The girls have the town going completely insane because they are all looking out and accusing people of being witches, mostly for greed so they may get their land. Throughout this book, the author has a lot of underlying themes, such as integrity, hysteria, and the danger of ideology. The one I will focus on is hysteria which is the biggest theme that lasts through the whole book. . The definition of hysteria is behavior showing extreme or excessive emotion, such as fear and this is obvious in The Crucible. It is obvious because of what we have read in the book about of Abigail Williams and the girls accusing the people in the town as devil worshipers or witches. A good example of the beginning of hysteria was when Tituba starts naming people who have “written in the devils book’, she was then praised for outing them and was told she was doing God’s work. This made Abigail believe that was a good way to out of trouble, and she also starts naming random names. Then the other girls see this and begin doing what she does and by the end of that act all the girls have caught on and are hysterically crying out any name that comes to mind. Another example of hysteria besides the group of girls going around pointing fingers, were the hangings of many respected men and women who were being accused of operating with the devil by other towns
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