Analysis Essay On The Crucible

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Analytical Essay on the individual living in Salem in The Crucible Being a part of the Salem community was something dangerous because no matter what you did, you were bound to be accused of witchcraft. In The Crucible, it starts out with Tituba being accused, Reverend Parris’ slave, because of her coming from Barbados, being of low social status in the town, and because the girls needed someone to blame it on. Tituba was then being whipped, so she needed to accuse someone else. In this case she was accusing out of fear for her life; she then accuses Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. These two women were two poor women of low social status and here they are being accused. Sarah Osborne was a midwife for Anne Putnam three times and…show more content…
Up to now in this story it seems like half of the town has been accused of witchcraft, but it gets worse. Martha Corey was accused because she thought the town and everyone in the church was insane blaming all the innocent people for things that were out of their control. She also thought the girls they were listening to were fools and she thought they were even bigger fools for listening to children. She told the court that she was innocent; she didn’t know what a witch was. They simply told her that how could she not know if she was one if she didn’t know what a witch is. The court’s arguments for everything were what we use as poor excuses for things today in the 21st century. Giles Corey had also mentioned to one of the court member that his wife was reading strange books, so they took his word for it and used that against her. Something as senseless as what kind of books someone was reading led to an accusation. Rebecca Nurse was only accused of witchcraft because she didn’t believe any of what this court was saying and both her and her husband had 500 acres of land that someone who wanted the land probably wanted them dead. She was just an innocent old woman of 76 years
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