Crucible Critical Essay

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For I See the Devil . In Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” He stresses the fact of foils among a community. The town of Salem begins to crumble at the foundation due to a young girl Abigail Williams claming she has practiced witchcraft. Causing the death of several innocent town folk, while in puritan religion if on has dammed themselves to hell all are dammed as well. Know Compared to Abigail all look like saints but none due this better than her complete foil Elizabeth Proctor a pure puritan woman, who goes to the extent of damming herself to hell to save her husband John. Among the town of Salem many people foil each other but John Proctor and Paris fall next in line. Proctor a good man hard worker, farmer and all around respected man in Salem tries to find the truth in all of this hysteria. While Paris greedy money hungry, disrespectful minister only worried about his own neck and how Abigail tries to trash his reputation in Salem. With the town in a state of chaos over the talk of witchcraft the foils of the story begin to reveal their real colors. In the town of Salem Abigail Williams throws the order of puritan life into a blender of insanity. With her encounters of witchcraft, and devilish sprits. “She makes me do it she make me drink blood” (Act 1 pg 187) “I want to open myself , I want the sweet light of god….,I danced for the devil I saw him; I wrote in his book;….I saw Sarah Good with the devil, I saw Goody Osborn with the devil,….” (Act I pg189). While Elizabeth Proctor determined to save her husband comments purgery in court and dames herself to hell. And does all in her will to save her family and forgive John for everything. “Your honor, my husband is a good righteous man. He is never drunk … always at his work” (Act 3 pg 221/222) “Elisabeth tell the truth, pleads John, I have confessed” (act 3 pg 222) Elizabeth “Oh, God” (act 3 pg 222). As
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