Analysis Of The Handmaid's Tale

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Rationale This written task will consist of a fake news article published in an online Saudi newspaper discussing new laws implemented by the king of Saudi Arabia by ironically exaggerating the lack of woman’s rights that is still present in this country. This humoristic report would be inspired by the Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” and the fake news source “The Onion”. It would target people that do agree with right restrictions towards women: with the purpose of wittily denouncing this Kingdom’s current alarming corruption, humor is used in order to convey the message in a more subtle way than by explicit criticization. Moreover, the prevalence of fake news nowadays is everywhere in the media: whether as a mean of…show more content…
It can have dangerous repercussions when believed “true”. Atwood’s novel criticizes corruption of the system and failure of the society through different social statuses that have different purposes and jobs to do and which does not do so will be severely punished by the law. These different statuses relate to the supremacy/inferiority gender bias present in the Saudi Arabia. Some of the Saudi laws that will be examined throughout this article in a satirical manner include: the obligation of women to be fully covered except for the eyes and hands in order to go out, their need of having permission of a male guardian for almost everything that they want to do, their prohibition on driving and going out with men that are not directly related to them in public (“Five Things”), (“Gender Discrimination”). However, similarly to Handmaid’s Tale’s Jezebel club, compounds are Saudi Arabia’s “closed door oasis” where almost every law is…show more content…
Being a tremendous act of abasement and offense, men deserve the right to be protected against it. “It is a shame that people from the other gender have the right of touching the Male body in a painful manner”, “This tragedy has to come to an end! They are making our toes curl”, “Toes are our means of transportation! How dare women have access to that” are some of the protests received by insightful men protesting for the bill of that law. Surveys handed out to Saudi Men have proven that more than Women have demonstrated the need to be taught to toe the line with survey results that evince that jealousy is the main factor that leads women to step “by mistake” on husband’s precious gems. They have the audacity to claim that this jealousy arose from their lack of rights and that stepping on these jewels would increase their confidence. As if permitting them to be around us, husbands, was not enough to be grateful for. If an infringement of that law ought to occur, consequences depending on the severity of the situation and the pain suffered can include but not be limited

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