The Advertising Infant

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Critique Writing The Advertising infant: Ivan’s Adventures in Babyland In Carole Corbeil article, “The Advertised Infant: Ivan’s Adventures in Babyland,” the author talks about the western culture, which is prevalent nowadays in relation to the upbringing of infants and babies. As the author puts this “Ivan hates to sleep alone so the Big Ones got him a red plastic battery operated heart which was recommended for “sleep resistant” infants,” (Corbeil 146) portray that the families have turned into a totally nuclear setup; as soon as the baby is born he/she is given into the hands of gadgets and electronic equipment. The babies are deprived of early love, care and the traditional upbringing by parents. The “Big Ones” or the elders mentioned in the article depict an image of selfish parents who are seeking easy alternatives to bring their children up. “Nursery listening system for parents’ peace of mind” is being used which “lets parents be in two places at once.” (Corbeil 146) Traditionally, what came to be known, as a common perception among the majority is that children usually require undivided attention of their parents especially when they are babies but in today’s world the case seems to be opposite. Parents appear to be busy at all times coping up with the jobs they have or the more general day-to-day activities. Electronic equipment such as the “voice-activated crib mobile” and beepers (Electronic babysitters) are being increasingly used to govern the behavior of infants as it helps in making a child laugh or stop crying. Exposing infants to clowns and using the artificial silicon nipples as the infant cries in protest are among many of the other ways used to treat children nowadays. It can seriously effect the way these children would react to these thing in a later real life as at this time they are suppose to be pampered and loved by the family

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