GNED 1202 Texts And Ideas

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GNED 1202 Texts and Ideas L 001 Plato advocated extreme methods of education. He began by removing children from their mothers care and raising them as wards of the state. Great care was taken to differentiate children suitable to the various castes; the highest receiving the most education, so that they could act as guardians of the city and care for the less fortunate. Plato discusses how stories about Greek Gods: Uranus, Coronus and Zeus, shouldn’t be told to children for their upbringing. He argues that in one of the stories God has sex with her sister, which would damage the upbringing of the child, if told. He insists that only the good stories should be told for the better upbringing of the child. Plato saw in mimesis the representation of nature, as culture in those days did not consist in the solitary reading of books, but in the listening to the performances or acting out by classical actors of tragedy, Plato maintained in his critique that theatre was not sufficient in conveying the truth. The teachings that I have been given while growing up are similar to Plato teachings for example Plato discusses how physical training is more important and should be more focused on for the…show more content…
Children who are active and enjoy outdoors were put into athletic teams. Taking into account that students who are good in sports were given an easier load of education so that they prosper in both worlds. I was one of the athletes at school. Due to the fact that I was the Captain of the Soccer and Cricket teams, special privileges were given to me from school and in return we always used to win championships in both sports. Since our school was more focused in outdoor activities, we always won sports championships and had relatively good results in school as
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