Frank Herbert Seed Stock

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Hope for Survive In these days our life is more likely to be an science fiction film scene. Every day on the news we hear that some planet is discovered or a machine is doing something like people do. It is not just very promising, but also some ways in disturbing. Because of the concept “Science Fiction” we are used to hear news like that, but what is the science fiction? “Science Fiction is a literary genre in which fantasy, scientific discoveries and developments, environmental changes, space travel or life on the other planets forms part of the plot or background.”(Wikipedia.) That definition is the most common definition on the Internet and for books. On the other hand according to Frank Herbert “Science Fiction represents the modern heresy and the cutting edge of speculative imagination as it grapples with Mysterious Themes such as time, linear or non-linear time.” The writer Frank Herbert was born in October 8 1920, successful American science fiction writer. Dune saga is his well known novels. He used to handle on his novels about human survival, ecology and evolution. He died of pancreatic cancer on February 11,1985. Seed Stock published in April 1970 and Gamble Device published in April 1952. When we consider these two story it is all about the people’s life addiction, colonization, survival, biology and freedom of choice. When we consider these factors or message try to given, we can say that there is always a chance to get freedom of choice and survive. Colonization is always being an important problem for people in every century of life. It is very interesting method for manage the people and it has lots of hard condition to survive. That is the main topic of most the Science Fiction film or novel. And also Frank Herbert was mention for these important topic on his novels like “Seed Stock” and “Gamble Device”. Both story has very effective way
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