Nethergrave and a Sound of Thunder Essay

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Critical Response Essay Within the stories A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and Nethergrave by Gloria Skurzynski, science fiction is used very strongly. Ray Bradbury’s story shows how much of a small act can have a huge impact on the future. Both stories use technology to portray science fiction. A Sound of Thunder used a time machine to go back thousands and millions of years ago, and Nethergrave using a computer that a vortex appears on to show the main character, Jeremy, a game that seems 3D. In both of these stories, the thing I noticed the most was how tone was used. In A Sound of Thunder the tone was stronger, to me, than in Nethergrave. The tone of the story is one of the most important things in any story written. The way the author wrote A Sound of Thunder, he made sure to show the character’s feelings in his writing. Also, the attitude the character felt in the story while speaking to other characters. When the character, Travis, speaks to the main character, Eckel, his attitude is showed very well. “The monsters dead, you idiot! The bullets! The bullets can’t be left behind. They don’t belong in the Past; they might change anything. Here’s my knife. Dig them out!” In this quote Travis’s attitude and anger towards Eckel is not only shown but speaks to the reader about the way he feels. As the same for Eckel when he comes back from traveling, he feels resilient towards everything and doesn’t expect it. The themes found in each story have a lesson to learn. I believe this part is very important. In the story, A Sound of Thunder the theme is used to teach you a valuable lesson, and that is to always follow directions given to you because if you don’t, it could change or mess up a lot around you. The theme in A Sound of Thunder, I feel, is much more thought out than the theme in Nethergrave. The theme in this story is not very easy to understand.

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