Similarities Between Tainos And Kalinagos

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Kalinago, Mayan and Taino Similarities and Differences There has been constant research on the Caribbean and its origins, on discovery that was made was the idea that a few groups of people settled there. Among these groups were the Mayans, Kalinagos (Caribs) and the Tainos (Arawaks).Each group of the indigenous people have their own culture, religion, means of agriculture, hunting methods etcetera, but there are some very similar and different things about each group. Some of the main contrasts and comparisons can be made found in their political, social and religious structures. As said before each indigenous group had their fair share of similarities, but they also had their fair share of differences. In my opinion most similarities…show more content…
All three groups were short, but the Kalinagos were ‘square headed’ and robust they also were slightly taller than the Tainos. The Mayans most defiantly did more body modifying means of beauty than the Tainos and Kalinagos the Mayans tattooed both their face and body also they pierced themselves, the ears mostly. Like most societies today where clothes for men are different from clothes for women, it was like that even way back then. Even though they mostly went naked apart from cloth to cover the genitals and jewellery, jewellery in all three societies was made from stone and gold. The chief and his wife in all three societies wore something to differentiate themselves from the rest be it a longer skirt or more jewellery there was always a difference. The architecture of the three societies held some similarities but they were all different. The Tainos and Kalinagos occupied the Greater and Lesser Antilles, where as the Mayans occupied the countries situated in Central and South America. Not only the regions where the settled were different but where on this lands they settled is also different; the Tainos and Kalinagos were hunters and fisher men so they lived on the coast, this also allowed easy escape, where as the Mayans lived inland because of their dense population. Also the Tainos and Kalinagos were somewhat nomadic so their small houses were made out of material such as wood and they had thatched roofs, theses means do not last long as a result there are barely any remains of Taino and Kalinago societies that have not been recreated. The Mayans having more resources allowed them to build much strong structures that to this day can still be seen i.e. temples. The chief crop of all these groups was maize (corn), the Mayans lived inland and practiced more
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