Twinjet Essay

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Abstract - In this experimental study, the mixing characteristics of six different symmetrical twinjet configurations like circle-circle, hexagon-hexagon, ellipse-ellipse, square-square, triangle-triangle and star-star were determined. Both the nozzles in the twinjet are convergent with circular inlet which varies smoothly to different geometrical exit. The nozzle spacing S between the two nozzles is 20 mm and nozzle spacing to nozzle exit diameter ratio (S/D) was maintained constant as 2. The centerline Mach number decay in axial direction and Mach number decay in radial direction were measured and plotted. Measurements in axial direction were carried out for different Mach numbers such as 0.4, 0.6 and 1. In radial direction, measurements were carried out for Mach number 0.4. Ellipse and square twinjets exhibit efficient mixing compared to other twinjets for all the Mach numbers. Keywords - centerline Mach number decay, mixing…show more content…
The experimental setup consists of two 1HP compressors and two storage tanks of capacity 20 bar. The moisture separator is connected between the compressor and storage tank to remove the moisture from being built up in the storage tanks. An air filter, a pressure regulator, a diffuser, a stagnation chamber and a traverse mechanism with pitot probe were used to regulate the flow and to obtain the total pressure measurements from which velocity and Mach number can be calculated. A 16 channel pressure transducer [NETSCANNERTM 9116] was used to acquire data. The test facility was made to run for 3 min before the test to attain steady condition. The duration of each record is 2 seconds, which gives a number of samples per second. All the nozzles are convergent with a circular inlet having diameter of 13 mm which varies smoothly along the length of the nozzle to a different geometrical exit cross-section except circle-circle
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