Lab # 4 : the Redox Arena Ii

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Lab # 4 : The Redox Arena II Procedural Summary There will be three different sized test tubes that will be used in this experiment, a boiling tube, a large and small test tube. The boiling tube will be labeled “R” for “reactants”. A scale with a weighing paper will be tared before adding 2 grams of granular zinc (Zn), record the mass, and then move the zinc to the boiling (R) tube. Weigh out 2 grams of iodine crystals, record it, and this will be added to the R tube, with the zinc. The R tube will then be put in a large beaker. Another large test tube, boiling tube will be needed, along with a Pasteur pipet. A regular sized test tube will be labeled “C” for “colored solution,” and the new boiling tube will be labeled “P” for “product”. One boiling chip will then be placed into the P tube. 5mL of acidified water will be measured, using a graduated cylinder, and will be transferred to the R tube, and will be immediately vigrously mixed with the reactants. Once the solution turns to an orange or red-brown color, a pipet will be used to quickly remove 30 drops of the solution, then transferred to the C tube, and the mixing will resume until the solution is close to room temperature. The solution will be filtered into the P tube, and the solution that is left in the R tube should be washed three times with 1mL of acidified water each time. The water should then be poured into the P tube, leaving the solid in the R tube. Using a test tube holder, heat the R tube over the Bunsen burner, moving the tube in a circular motion until all the water has evaporated. The P tube will be carefully heated next, for about 10 minutes, until all the water has evaporated, and there is a white substance in the tube. After the water has evaporated, continue heating the tube over the burner for a minute longer, being careful to watch out for purple gas and yellow spots. The P tube

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