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rming properties Determining the Properties of an Enzyme Introduction The thousand of chemical reactions occurring in a cell each minute are not random events but are highly controlled by biological catalysts called enzymes. Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction, the amount of energy necessary to trigger a reaction. In this lab we will mainly approach an enzyme called peroxidase, which is a large protein containing several hundred amino acids and has an iron ion located at its active site. The active site is the region of an enzyme that binds the substrate and that forms the pocket in which catalysis occurs. When catalyst occurs this increases the role of a reaction without being consumed by the reaction. During this…show more content…
The first test tube will be control, the second will be substrate and indicator dye, the third will be dilute extract, the fourth will be the same contents as the second, the fifth will be medium concentration of extract, the sixth will be the same contents as the second, and the seventh will be concentrated extract. 3) Add stock solutions to each tube using the corresponding graduated 5 ml pipette or dispensing device. 4) Adjust the spectrometer to zero absorbance at 500nm. Pour contents of test tube 1 into a cuvette. ) Make sure to keep time, read the spectrometer, and record the data. Note time to the nearest second and mix the contents of tubes 2 and 3 by pouring them back and forth twice. Mixing should be completed within ten seconds. 5) Add the reaction mixture to a cuvette by pouring or using eye dropper, wipe the outside, and place the cuvette in the spectrometer. Read the absorbance at 20 second intervals from the start of the mixing. Then record your measurements on the table. After two minutes remove the tube from the spectrometer and visually note the color change. 6) Now mix the contents of tubes 4 and 5, transfer to a cuvette, and repeat your measurements for two minutes at 20 second

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