Case Analysis: The Creative Toys Company

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Case Analysis: The Creative Toys Company Chamara Sandaradura Framingham State University The Creative Toys Company, specialized in producing small wooden toys, was started by John Wilson. The Company was stable and growing. Good wages and fringe benefits kept workers happy, which led to a low turnover rate. The transportation department was highly productive and surpassed all the other departments’ production for 12 months. There are eight people making cars and trucks. ? - To minimize the monotony four workers build cars in the morning and they will build train if the afternoon. They work in their individual stations and the eight workstations are arranged in a circle (Figure1). It allowed them to communicate and to keep each other informed…show more content…
As mentioned in the case, the transportation department was involved in a repetitive task. The previous arrangement allowed workers to inform each other about their work habits and productivity. Management ignored the fact that this is a well-performed department when compared to other departments, when rearranging the department. Both formal and informal organization influences the social environment within the transportation department. Formal and informal organization creates an effective team. In this situation, informal organization may have caused the lower productivity as the result of dissolving their formal organization. The Creative Toys Company follows a top down communication method, but it is not effective in this situation because the department rearrangement caused the communication to fall apart within the department. Management should have met with the transportation department before having a consultant review them. Prior to the consultant’s evaluation, the transportation department was highly productive and one point they even surpassed all other departments in production for 12 months. The solution may have been very simple after talking department members and a consultant may not have been…show more content…
Two-way communication is always better than one-way communication. It will be easier to solve a problem without assuming what is actually happening. Rearranging the workstation in a manner where they are able to communicate with each other will be the best solution and can create immediate solution for the problem and will be able to increase the production level. Also, creating an incentive program for departments for reaching their productivity will motivate workers to increase

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