Unit Three: Principles of Managing Information and Producing Documents

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Unit three: Principles of managing information and producing documents Assessment Please note that this Assessment document has 5 pages and is made up of 4 Sections. Section 1 – Understand the purpose of information technology in a business environment 1. In relation to your current business environment (or one that you are familiar with), identify at least two different types of information technology that may be used when completing work tasks. In my current business environment the most popular types of IT we use are Excel Spread sheets for various valuations, Word processing for preparing contracts or various letters, Database for clients and accounts and Information exchange for internet, sending e-mails or post or Smartphones ideally used when we are away from the office. 2. What are the benefits to businesses (and others) of using information technology for doing work tasks? The benefits to businesses and to people of using IT for doing work tasks are multiples. We all show effectiveness and increased performance when we use a smart way of completing our tasks. Without information technology our work would be slow, poor quality and probably more frustrated peoples for both sides beneficiaries and workers. The purpose of IT is to help people in completing the work tasks faster. However, within the last 20 years information technology was able to replace human work, this leading unfortunately to various loss or jobs in various sectors. . Section 2 – Understand how to manage electronic and paper-based information 1. Explain the purpose of agreeing objectives and deadlines when researching information. If possible, refer to specific examples from research tasks you have worked on to support your answer. My research tasks at work are mainly based on money in/out of the clients account. However, we have a special account
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