HCS 514: Organizational Design

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Organizational Design LaNetia Taylor HCS/514 July 4, 2011 Renee E. Sharp Organizational Design Golden Arch has been in business for 20 years. This is because as a community services organization its ability to respond rapidly to changes in its environment - whether internal or external - ensures its existence in the community of Lufkin, Texas. According to Autry (1998), few organizations exist for several years without changing. Change is inevitable; therefore to ensure an organizations existence, the leaders must be willing and able to adapt to the challenge of change in their environment. Internal and external factors such as expanding services outside the boundaries of Angelina County or the adding of staff to ensure the…show more content…
The ability to manage without delegating authority or more formal work assignments become increasingly hard to do. Thus the making of a formal structures. Formal organizational structures focus more on the roles that exist within an organizational chart. Organizations implementing formal structures hire people who specialize in performing certain task and follow detailed guidelines and rules, which determine work procedures. The communication in the office flows directly from managers to subordinate. Top management set standards for authority, responsibility, and control. The development of this type of structure enables the organization to run more efficiently. Autry (1998) state “Larger organizations are often mechanistic, which means this type of design will improve efficiency and maximize specialization” (par.…show more content…
New laws and regulations come about because of social and political changes. Organizations abiding by state and federal laws and regulations may result in the organization spending more money on additional taxes, new technology development, and legal fees. Competition may consist of the startup of a new organization offering similar services and products in the same marketplace, which presents a new challenge. The customers are the most critical in the environment. As the end-users, they will usually improve the organization’s image in the community because of satisfaction with the product or service, or ruin the image of the organization in the community because of dissatisfaction with the product or service. Organizations may require better technology for the production of the product or service. This can be in the form of the Internet, social network, or other semiconductor or communication technology. These information systems have been helpful in revolutionizing the operation of organizations in the 21st century (Gupta,

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