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External and internal environment Name Institution Question 1 Netflix Inc is a company that majors on the video entertainment industry. It provides services to its customers through movie theaters, hotels and airlines. The two segments that influence the company in its operations are political and legal segment and technological segment. The political and legal segment affects so many business owners because there are rules that are imposed on the usage of the products and the manner in which the services are provided to the customers. One of the main considerations is the location of the business. There are zoning laws that are used to define the operability of a business. In this case, the company cannot be able to open new branches…show more content…
This has been provided a better advantage to the company because it is able to increase its operations as expected. With the use of new current technologies, the operations of the company have been made better and faster. The customers are usually served in a faster manner and this has motivated them to continue purchasing from the company. Again, it has become easy to identify the operational areas of the company and make adjustments where necessary using the new technologies available. The quality of the products is also another greater strength for the company. Through production of high quality products, the company has been able to win the loyalty of the…show more content…
For instance, it can make use of technological advances to better its products and win more customers. It can also use marketing strategies to increase awareness to the customer. The company makes use of high skilled human personnel in its operations (Coyne, 1996). This way, it is able to produce good quality products and better services. The main weakness lies on the external factors such as government regulations and culture of the people. The products might not be sold as expected as a result of cultural differences amongst the people. Moreover, the government can come up with procedures that are aimed at standardizing its operations and it might not be able to achieve its long term goals. References Coyne, K.P. and Sujit Balakrishnan (1996),Bringing discipline to strategy, The McKinsey Quarterly, No.4. Halbert, T., & Ingulli, E. (2011). Law and ethics in the business environment. Mason OH: South WesternEducational Publ. Hodgetts, R. M., & Hegar, K. W. (2008). Modern human relations at work. Mason, OH: Thomson/Southwestern. Porter, M.E. (2009) The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, Harvard business Review, January 2008. Rainer and Turban, Introduction to Information Systems (2nd edition), Wiley, 2009, pp

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