Consider the Reasons Implementations Fail.

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1.Consider the reasons implementations fail. For at least three of these reasons, explain why this happens, if there is one (or more) type of implementation likely to minimize the occurrence, and if there is one (or more) type of installation more likely to induce failure for this reason. Research and experience have shown that management support of the system under development and the involvement of users in the development process can be important but are not sufficient to achieve success. In addition, users must have a commitment to the project and a commitment to change. Poorly done project definition and planning can set up a project for failure. Users also must have realistic and consistent expectations of the system’s capabilities. Of course, the system must be relevant to the work the user performs. Also important are the ease of use and reliability of the system and user demographics, such as age and degree of computer experience. The more users can do with a system and the more creative ways they can develop to benefit from the system, the more they will use it. Then more use leads users to find even more ways to benefit from the system. The more satisfied the users are with the system, the more they will use it. The more they use it, the more satisfied they will be 2.Two members of your project development team are disagreeing about the relative importance of training and documentation. Sam strongly believes that training is far more important because it will ensure the successful implementation of the information system and that the early usage is a positive experience. Pat encounters that the user documentation is far more important because its impact can help not only the current users, but also future users. Which do you think is right, and why? Training, or staff development, It’s an activity performed in an organization, responding to their
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