Technology On The Workplace

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In recent times, while the industrial revolution has been appeared, there had been many changes in the workplace due to the development of the modern technology. These changes had a great impact on the workplace. This essay will explain the negative impacts of technology on the workplace, focusing on de-skills, promotion prospects and work relationships. Firstly, the use of technology can negatively affect some employees in the work environment. Although many jobs require advanced skills, some jobs now are de-skilled due to the technological revolution in the workplace. According to Roberts (2004) in the past, shopkeepers had to have math skills to be able to sell the product, but now with the use of electronic cash registers, they do not need to have this skill. Moreover, Former workers in factories need to have manual and strength skills to perform their jobs, but now the use of technology in factories are required the experience of using computers and programming skills (Herman, 2004). Consequently, this will lead to reduce some employee skills in the workplace. Secondly, the use of technology in the workplace leads to reduced chances to get promotion. In the past, workers focused on the manual experience to get promotion in their jobs. However, with modern technology the opportunities to get promotion for the basic or manual knowledge are too hard due to the competition with the highly technological employees. In addition to that, they will have difficulties to find jobs because their qualifications do not meet the requirements of the modern technology used in the workplace (Roberts, 2004). Thirdly, work relationships are another negative change in the workplace. Roberts (2004) points out that the relation in the workplace have been changed due to the differences between the older employees and the new generation employees. Old generation should be

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