The Impact Of Technology In The Training Process

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The Impact of Technology in the Training Process Tina Miller BUS 375 November 13, 2011 Advances in modern technology has improved the lives of countless individuals who can make purchases, get directions, and communicate with friends and family all while sitting in their car stuck in traffic or while eating their lunch in a busy restaurant from their phone. The same technology that allows individuals to these things, also improves the way organizations do business. Organizations that keep up with the advances made in technology have a more competitive edge over their competitors that do not utilize or incorporate these changes into their own businesses. One of the major benefits of technology advancement is in the way organizations train their employees. Organizations can implement training programs with the help of new technology that allows them to train multiple employees instead of hiring expensive trainers. Employee training is one of the most expensive costs that organizations incur. Making use of advances in technology allows organizations to decrease the amount of money they are spending for training and train a larger amount of employees using the same training materials. The consumer demand for new technology and services keeps growing, and those businesses who do not keep up with the demand will find themselves at a disadvantage over their competitors. One of the major benefits from technological advances, allows employees to learn at their own pace through self-directed learning programs (Noe, R., 2010, p. 266). With self-directed learning programs, employees are responsible for their own training. This type of training allows individuals to work on advancing their own training program at pace that allows them to learn in a way that is comfortable for them. Self-directed learning allows management to see how committed employees are to advancing
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