Henry Ford In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920s in the United States was a decade of roaring new scientific and technological advances. It was a time where ideas and inventions that scientists had spent years in developing had finally reached their final stage and into people’s lives for the first time. Scientists use to consider the world to be stagnant, but then came the Big Bang Theory that changed their views and described the world as ever-changing and increasingly expanding in nature (Baughman et al., 2001). It was a time where movies changed drastically, radios became a big role in communication, and transportation changed significantly. Although everything changed quite drastically and opened the air for more advances, transportation made a huge impact in the 1920s. It…show more content…
When he was younger he planned on creating something for the rich as well for common man that would involve engines. He created the Ford Model T, which was affordable for the poor, and continued to create Model A and other modeled cars (Joans 2010). By the end of World War I half of Americans owned the model T car. The affordable cars like those Ford produced transformed America (Roak et al., 2011). Ford created the automobile industry, which employed thousands of workers and inspired new industries as well (Heritage, 2010).The new industries included but were not limited to: gas stations, mechanics, fast food restaurants drive-ins (pig stands) and motels (A&E, 2006). Cars basically changed the way people lived, how they spend their leisure time and where they worked at (Roak et al., 2011). With cars people could travel further to work, vacation or to other cities. Ford not only inspired new automobiles and jobs but he also attracted competition. Walter Percy Chrysler was one of the last independent car manufacturers to enter the automobile industry; he established the Chrysler Corporation in 1924 (Peterson, 2013).By the end of the 1920s decade there were three major leading automobile industries: Ford, General Motors, and
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