Ford Motor Company's Future Innovations

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Ford Motor Company’s Future Innovation Ford Motor Company is considered one of the largest automobile makers throughout the world. This multinational and multimillion dollar company has expanded its production of truck, cars globally and is considered one of the largest financial contributors in marketing vehicles like Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, etc. This automaker is transforming some of the truck manufacture plants to make smaller and fuel efficient vehicles. This supports the consumer high demand for smaller and better fuel efficient cars. In 2010 Ford financial gains was very profitable something Ford did not anticipated to happened that soon. This success is credited to Fords strong new products and for the many investments this automaker has made on making improvement in the United States and in all of their global operations. Ford has gain global recognition by staying focus to its product and by delivering to the customer a full range of vehicles with outstanding fuel economy. Technology has not remained standstill with this automobile maker. They continue to develop new affordable automobiles with new advance technology that has captivated the suppliers, dealers, shareholders, employees and the communities. Ford continues to strive on their mission, vision and values. It all began with Henry Ford (1863-1947), where he stated “I will build a car for the great multitude” and that seems to be the cored for this giant automaker. They continue to stand by the father that started it all back in 1903 with a promising vision. In 1908 the birth of the model T car sold nearly 15,500.00 in the United States alone. By 1914 Henry Ford, at the Michigan Highland Park plant, he stayed ahead of his time. He started using the innovative production techniques to complete the bodywork of the Model T in ninety three minutes faster, by using the constant

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