Technology in the 1920's Essay

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Technology in the 1920's Major technological events and developments of the 1920’s In the 1920s the creation of technological advancements was the most exciting development for that time. There were many types of new things that were invented by many scientists and other creative thinkers. Since then the technology has been improving rapidly and many more machines and house hold materials were being enhanced to help life be easier and stress free. Things such as the radio, refrigerators, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and television were developed for entertainment and to make things more helpful around the house. The radio was a great example for technology development over time in from 1920s until now. New designs were made for the radio, and new stations were springing up more rapidly. Some of the many things that were developed included machineries such as cars, airplanes, telephones and radios. How did technology develop over the course of this decade? What was the impact of technology on Canada? The radio probably had the greatest impact on Canadian lifestyle and communication during the 1920's. The invention of the radio helped to bring more Canadians in contact with each other. People who lived on the outer margins of Canada gained the ability to know what was going on in Canada because of the radio. The radio provided knowledge on events such as sports and politics that may be taking place in further areas across Canada or in different cities. One of the most technological advancements of the 1920's was the telephone. By the end of the 1920’s, almost three quarters of Canadian homes had telephones. The telephone not only served as a mode of communication but unified many people throughout Canada. Also, in 1920 the first commercial passenger flight took place. Pilots flew items such as mail and supplies in northern areas of Canada that had no

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