1920s and 1950s Dbq

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1920s and 1950s Document-Based Question Stop for a moment and think about how easy we have our lives. Let’s be honest, most of our life depends on technology. Do you think you could go without it? I think most people would not be able to, but I’ll tell you, it is possible. Between the 1920s and 1950s there was a lot of new technology, but it’s probably not the kind you are thinking of. Between the 1920s and the 1950s there were many changes in people’s social lives. In the 1920s there were a lot of social changes for women. Women gained the right to vote, and they also had the opportunity to obtain a job for the first time. This ties over to the 1950s where there were a lot more job opportunities for the women. Also over this time, the option of birth control became available to women to use. Also women started taking a stand against sex servitude. In Woman and the New Race by Margaret Sanger, she states, “The most important force in the remaking of the world is a free motherhood.” This led to the baby boom generation. The baby boom generation led to an economic high in the 1950s. “All history can show no more portentous economic phenomenon that today’s American market.” This quote was taken from the article, The Changing American Market. In the 1920s, the economy struggled, but there was a ton of new products that made life easier. These products included: electric vacuums, fans, toasters, washers and the greatest of them all, the Model T car. Cars were also a hot commodity in the 1950s. More new cars meant new road ways and that is when the interstate impacted everyone’s travel. Since the 50s had a good economy the price for housing was low, and most families had enough money to buy two cars. This was due to there being more jobs for women so both parents could have a job. Also the work week was shorter, and there was a higher pay for them after the war. The
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