Was the Motor Car Ownership the the Most Important Reason for the Improvements in the Way

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America was in a convenient position as the World War One ended. The war had led to increased demand for American goods. This resulted in the rapid growth of industry. Industrial production virtually doubled in the 1920s, such as for every one fridge bought in 1921 there were 167 in 1929 or for everyone 9 million cars bought in 1919 there were 26 million in 1929. The most famous car was the T-ford motor car. Jobs were easy to get and people became better paid. There was a big social change. For example, as middle-class women became better off they enjoyed greater social freedom - they wore make-up, shorter skirts and smoked in public. The treatment of women was a big social change for example the number of working women increased by 25 per cent and women were given the right to vote. The T-ford motor car was a big part of the boom as they were the first company to think of techniques like assembly lines and mass production this made it easier for Ford to make more cars and as he produced more and more cars, he could reduce his prices. By 1925 the price of a car was around $290, which cheaper than the price of $850 in 1908. which then benefited the sale of consumer goods when other companies decided to also use these ideas when making their own products. There was also an increased demand for fuel and other resource needed to make the cars like rubber and glass. But though these helped the motor car without the republican policies the motor car might not of done as well. The policies for things like import tariffs increased the demand on American goods like the T-ford car. Also the idea of hire purchase made it easier for people who did not make much (companies like the T-ford only paid their works 5$ per day) compared to the price of the car ($290), to be able to afford the car. By 1929 Americans owned more than 23 million cars. The workers earnt good wages ,
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