Kudler Fine Foods Career Development Plan

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Kudler Fine Foods Business Proposal December 15, 2008 Ashley Williams Kudler Fine Foods Career Development Plan From the beginning, Kudler Fine Food’s main goal has been to combine the convenience of one stop shopping with reasonable prices for customers. Although, Kathy and Kudler Fine Foods has been successful at achieving this goal, my team and I would like to take it a step further and help this company become even more successful than before. With the range of departments in the one-stop shopping center including baked goods, meat and seafood, produce, cheese and dairy, and wine, we feel the only thing missing is the morning perks……coffee! With a broad range of coffee, cappuccino’s, and latte’s,…show more content…
This will be helpful when providing feedback and in coaching activities. Touching on employees performances in a personal meeting and tuning into their needs makes them feel valued and needed in their positions. The difference between the suggested appraisal system and the current appraisal system is significant since there is not an appraisal system currently in motion for Kudler. This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen the skills of employees and set the employees and the company up for future success. The most difficult part of evaluating employee performance is creating a fair, unbiased appraisal. This is why it is easy to use the evaluation appraisal form to keep evaluations as fair as possible. The needs for this appraisal system are self-explanatory, not only will company expectations be reached, but employee’s motivation to reach these goal will be higher as…show more content…
(Cascio, 2005) Keeping this in mind, our goal is to have a balance between different pay levels of the sales team, as well as a balance for the employees individually between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, and financial and non-financial rewards. Salary will be set for each position, for every year an employee is in that position, there will be an opportunity for a pay raise, depending on how positive the employee’s performance appraisals have been for that year. This will be at the manager’s discretion, but each employee will be brought up in an upper management meeting and the reasons for the raise or no raise will be evaluated with the entire committee. Employees will also have an optional rewards package that includes security and health, payments for time not worked, and employee services. Group health care will be available through Kudler Fine Foods; employees will have their choice between a Health Maintenance Organization and a Preferred Provider Organization. The employees will also have a rewards package with their salary that is listed below: Employee Compensation

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