The Crucible—Act I Review Sheet

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The Crucible—Act I Review Sheet 1. What did Parris catch Betty and the other girls doing? What did he attribute their behavior to? What was his biggest concern? Parris caught the girls dancing in the forest. He suspected them of doing witchcraft. He was worried that his reputation would be ruined. 2. Why do the Putnams come to the Parris house? Describe Mr. and Mrs. Putnam’s personalities and why they act the way they do. Do you think their general behavior is justified? Explain. The Putnams went to Parris’s because their daughter was in a “Zombie” like state. They are the average puritans, trying to live up to the communities standards. 3. What does Abby’s conversation with Mercy and Mary reveal? How do you explain Betty’s behavior? We find out that in the forest they did dance and conjure up spirits. Mercy ran around naked and Abigail drank a charm of blood to kill John Proctor’s wife. Betty faked her illness so she would have to deal with the consequences of her part in witchcraft. 4. Describe the relationship between John and Abigail Williams. What has happened as a result of it? There is a somewhat tense, yet flirtatious relationship between the two of them. Because of the affair they had, and then Elizabeth firing Abigail, as John tried to mend the relationship with his wife. 5. In the middle of Act I, there is a large argument/discussion between Rev. Parris, Thomas Putnam, John Proctor and Giles Corey. Describe what each man thought was important and what the conflicts were between them. Who do you think “won” the argument? Explain. Proctor and Giles accuse Parris of being greedy, Putnam accuses Proctor of stealing land. No one had really won the argument. 6. Why has Rev. Hale been called? How do the people at Parris’s house react to his coming? What are Hale’s priorities in Salem? Rev.
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