Essay On Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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“I saw Goody Sibber with the devil” (Miller 1.1068). Random people are being falsely accused in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible. It all starts when a group of young girls dance in the forest one night and one of the girls suddenly falls sick, the next thing you know is the whole town crying witchcraft. As a consequence, the young girls start to accuse casual people to save their selves and put the town’s dwellers life at stake. The main person behind the accusations is Abigail Williams, the head minister of the town’s niece, she watches cold heartedly innocent people being hung for her false indictment. Thus, Abigail’s lack of guilt is her despicable quality. Primarily, the girls promised each other to keep the secret of the night they danced…show more content…
Mary Warren, although frightened of Abigail, decides to tell the court the truth about the whole allegation and the dancing that happened in the forest. When Judge Danforth calls on Abigail and the rest of the girls to question them, Abigail in a sense of smartness executes a plan to divert the whole attention towards Mary Warren by pretending to sense a cold wind and “seeing” a white beam of light next to Mary. “She’s going to come down! She’s walking the beam” (Miller 3.1085-1086). She then starts to mimic the actions and words of Mary; this in turn builds a solid proof in the eyes of the court that Mary Warren practices witchcraft. Abigail could care less of who she accused and sentenced to death, she watches people die in front of her eyes without feeling any regrets on her actions. In the end of The Crucible, Abigail and Mercy Lewis steal Reverend Parris’s money and aboard a ship because the town detests her and she loses her reputation in Salem. Abigail didn’t expect this ending, she thought by sentencing Goody Proctor to death she will live happily ever after with John. Lack of guilt made Abigail do contemptible actions, which took the lives of innocent
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