Conflict Between The Crucible And Rsquo

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Introduction Conflict is an inevitable experience that occurs throughout all walks of life. The responses of individuals in times of conflict depend largely upon their moral conscience, their beliefs and their strengths and weaknesses. In the country of Zimbabwe, Prime Minister Robert Mugabe is known as a ‘racial dictator.’ His passionate love for an all black society caused Mugabe to expose the hatred he felt towards the white people, by forcing them out of the country. This resulted in the loss of productive farmers, causing the country’s economic downfall. While trying to gain the favour of his people, his permanent national reputation was destroyed. Mugabe lost all nobility as his suppressed hatred for the white people…show more content…
In ‘The Crucible,’ the protagonist Abigail Williams manipulates her friends and the entire town of Salem, when she accuses innocent people of being witches, in a personal vendetta against Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of John Proctor, whom she had a previous affair with. The hysteria of the witch hunt in Salem is a result of Abigail’s selfish and vengeful behaviour, which leads nineteen innocent people to the gallows. “My name is good in the village! Elizabeth Proctor is an envious, gossipy liar!” Salem is oblivious to Abigail’s true vindictive nature and vengeance. ‘I beg you, sir, I beg you-see her for what she is.’ This statement by John Proctor reveals that he is only one of the very few, who is able to see the truth behind Abigail’s façade, however, her public persona of being an innocent young girl, possessed by the ‘devil’, that she so cunningly portrays was too strong and no one would have suspected she was capable of such lies and…show more content…
In ‘The Crucible’, John Proctor sacrifices his good reputation and in doing so his life, in a refusal to make false confessions. Author Miller’s play follows John Proctor’s journey from the guilt to redemption, as he admits his adulterous lechery to save his pregnant wife and the entire town of Salem. He was found to be a man who was willing to make this heroic choice. If he had chosen to give a false confession this may well have saved his life, however he regarded a good reputation as being more important than life itself ‘I have given you my soul, leave me my name. With this final fearless statement, John Proctor indicated he had found peace within himself. “I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs.” Proctor realises that his own soul, his honour and his honesty were worth more than his own life. ‘He have his goodness now.” Elizabeth Proctor states that her husband has given his life for morality and has finally cleansed himself from his past adulterous

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