How Shoplifting Affects Our Economy and Society Essay

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Summer Foust Ms. Burchfield English III-6th September 29, 2014 The Crucible Socratic Seminar I. What is Arthur Miller’s message about human motivation? Arthur Miller demonstrates human motivation throughout the play as he shows the deceptions and levels the characters are willing to stoop to get what they want. Although their motives are all different, in the end they are out for themselves. Abigail is motivated by the idea of John Proctor, while John Proctor is motivated to help out his wife, Goody Proctor. John is willing to do anything in order to save her, “Proctor: I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing, Elizabeth”(Act 1) he says. While Abigail would rather get Goody in trouble in order to salvage something between her and John. Each character exploits the situation, for no other reason than their personal gain or for the outcome they wish. II. What is Arthur Miller’s message about importance of integrity? The importance of integrity is knitted all throughout The Crucible, starting with moral integrity. Moral integrity is the idea that people should live by god’s rules but also by their own principles. Giles is a great example of integrity being more meaningful to the accused than even something as serious as life. He is willing to be stoned to death in order to save his integrity by simply, never pleading guilty or not. Giles is so determined to save his integrity, that his last words included “more weight” (Act IV, 186) as the stones violently press his chest. Integrity seems to be an important factor in the lives of the people, and also in the church. Here, integrity means more than your conscience, but also your following of god’s rules to prevent damnation. III. What is Arthur Miller’s message about role of power? Power throughout the play is brutally abused. The use of power is typically used for selfish desires, or in

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