Only Absolutism Is Ethical

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Absolutism is an objective moral rule or value that is always true in all situations and for everyone without exception. This applies to people of different races and different traditions. Absolutism makes us know right from wrong without being told, this comes intrinsically. This is what allows judgments to be made in the Court of Law and in everyday life. Absolute Law comes from God and has been set so that we all may follow. They are unchanging and this is what makes us the perfect Christians. Duty to God comes first then the Duty to others before duty to property. This will be the way to make decisions if there is an absolute conflict. But also Absolutism does not take other situation into consideration, things change and people change, so should the rules change as well? Personally, I think that they need to be amended; this could cause even worse conflicts than they are in this day and age, although it might be necessary, Common sense isn’t that common. An example of the Absolute theory is the Divine law theory; this is all stated in the bible, it dictates what’s good and what’s bad, according to the will of God. Everything we do, has the question behind it: Does it follow the will of God? This is the question absolutes ask before making any decisions. Although many think this theory Has its weaknesses. Many people think that did God write this theory because it is good merely or is it that the thought it would be good to him. Some also say that why should we follow everything God says, that if he said killing people was good, will that mean it was actually good. Also Absolute Laws are always interpreted the wrong way. Most people interpret it the wrong way, which changes them, but in their minds it is still an absolute law. Other absolute rules include: to live, produce, educate, to have an ordered society and to worship God. Natural Law can be
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