Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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Heroes have been around since man came to being. They play an important role in society. One type of hero is a tragic hero. They are defined as people with a flaw. They realize their mistake, and redeem themselves for what they have done. John Proctor is a tragic hero because he has a tragic flaw, he realizes his mistake, and he redeems himself for what he has done by giving his life. Proctor was a well-respected man across the community. He was a man of virtue. Everyone in Salem looked up to him. He was a hard worker and a good family man. It was for this same reason why Proctor became a tragic hero. His pride was what yielded him from stopping the witch trials from the beginning. He had a chance to tell the town, and the court, that Abigail’s claims were false. Nevertheless, Proctor did not open his mouth. He feared that revealing the truth would put him down on the social ladder; innocent people had to pay, for his flaw, with their life. Proctor was a proud man who values his good name. He would do anything to keep his name. However, at the end, he finally realized his happiness was less important than the truth. He realizes that he had made a mistake cheating on his wife. Proctor tries to act like a good man, but “he is not as good as Rebecca, his waivers before commuting himself to a course of action” (Hill, Phillip). Pride is powerful. It can blind any man, no matter how physically or mentally strong you are. For example, take Kobe Bryant. He was so used to the lights being on him. When the Lakers had Shaq, they were unstoppable, winning championships back to back. Because Kobe refused to be the second man, behind Shaq, he kept on battling him for the top positions on the Lakers. Kobe’s pride blinded him on the obvious fact, that it takes no than one person to run a team. John Proctor had the same flaw. He was a proud man. Proctors dilemma with his pride was

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