Elizabeth Proctor's Reputation In The Crucible

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Reputation in Salem Each society in the world is unique; each has its own values and beliefs. Throughout time, societies have control men’s actions, thoughts, and feelings. For instance, in Puritan communities, people had to be careful of what other members of the community said about him or her. A respectable reputation was required due to the fact that their social standing was tied to one’s ability to follow religious rules. Reputation in Salem For the people in Salem, the reputation was everything, and in order to maintain it they did anything possible. The people related everything with the religion, having a good image in society meant having more contacts to do business with and get fair hearing. As the play started to develop,…show more content…
She once was servant for the Proctor household, but was fired when Elizabeth Proctor discovered that her husband was having an affair with her. Abigail becomes obsessed with Reverend Proctor after their affair. She did whatever she could to keep Proctor for herself. Abigail later on accuses Elizabeth Proctor of damaging her name in the community saying “She is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, sniveling woman, and you bend to her! Let her turn you like a-“ (Miller, 1954,Act 1, p. 1140). Proctor and Goody Proctor’s relationship has been difficult since the affair. Even though after seven months of discovering the affair, Proctor wants his wife trust and honesty but to do that he has to first confront his unfaithfulness to his wife. Elizabeth claims that Proctor still has feelings for Abigail and cannot confront her, as he should. Goody Proctor says “John, have you ever shown her somewhat of contempt? She cannot pass you in the church but you will blush-“(Miller,1945,Act 2,

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