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(Revenge) Revenge will always be around us. Revenge is just part of the human nature if someone does something to you; you feel like you need to react to it. It’s been that way before The Crucible and revenge is still part of day to day thinking for people in high school, and in general for almost everyone else in the world. I’ll move on to the comparing now. So now we’ll talk about affairs and how people get revenge. In The Crucible, Mr. Proctor had an affair with a young lady. It made John look bad, so he started to ignore Abigail by telling her to leave and that he was mad at her. When she wouldn’t leave he pushed her away. For revenge she accused John’s wife, Liz, of being a witch. This is a lot like high school. If you are dating someone and you cheat things will go wrong. A couple things are if you ignore the person you cheated with she can start rumors and get revenge and if you ignore your girl/boyfriend they’ll hate you. I’ll move to more things where revenge is the same in The Crucible and myself in the present time. Here’s a new similarity between The Crucible and the present. In The Crucible, when all the ladies were in the forest dancing and conjuring spells and demons, a man saw them. This person went and told everyone, ruining the…show more content…
In The Crucible, a girl said she was forced to stab herself with a pin. She said Mary Warren did it and a group of men went to question Mary Warren. Mary said she had done nothing to do with it, but her doll said otherwise with a needle in its stomach. Mary ended up not seeking revenge on anyone. In the present day, people feel the need to pay someone back in either good or bad. If someone blames you for something, you will most likely come clean about a secret on them. If someone wrote a hurtful note to you, you feel the need to do something hurtful back to them - maybe it’s hurting them emotionally, or maybe even

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