Role Of Manipulation In Macbeth

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Why are we so easily Manipulated? Why are we so easily deceived? What is it about people that they can be manipulated so easy into actions that can be fatal in the end? In this paper I am going to find a way to prove that manipulation can be used to the advantage of people who are doing no good. Lady Macbeth manipulated her husband that eventually got himself killed. Manipulation is a problem that many people go through today. Women and men alike uses manipulation to get the upper hand on a weaker person Truth is a matter of perspective in Macbeth, if the witches want Macbeth to believe something, they can tell it to their own benefit. It must also be remembered that if Macbeth wants to believe something,…show more content…
After Lady Macbeth read Macbeth’s letter about his fortune that was foretold by the 3 witches, she conducted a deadly plan to kill King Duncan and persuaded Macbeth into following her plan so that Macbeth will become King. Macbeth fell seduced into Lady Macbeth’s plan because of his ambition to become King. Macbeth’s ambition to be King was the greatest factor of his deterioration. Macbeth’s ambition alone was not a strong enough motive to kill Duncan, but with the other two key factors: the 3 witches’ prophecy and Lady Macbeth’s manipulation this aroused his ambition. Without Macbeth’s ambition his tragic flaw could not come into place. From the moment Macbeth murdered King Duncan for his ambition, he became the tragic hero and developed the fatal flaw which leads him to his death. With the contributing factors of: the 3 witches’ prophecies, Lady Macbeth’s negative influence and manipulation, and Macbeth’s ambition to be King, all together greatly contributed to the degeneration of Macbeth from a well respected noble man to a detested blood-lust fiend, and then… to his untimely…show more content…
When we do something that is not in our best interest simply because we were pressured into it, we surrender our personal power and turn control over our lives to others. Why do some people try to manipulate others? Here are some thoughts about why people us manipulation 1. Because they’re weak. Weak people are not to be feared, but to be pitied. Their weakness comes in many forms and includes feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. They try to get others to do what they believe they cannot do. They try to compensate for their feelings of powerlessness by gaining power over others. People like this don't care which way the car is going as long as they remain in the driver's seat. 2. people who live miserable lives like to make others miserable too. When they are successful in doing so, they find some relief by diverting their attention from their own pain to the pain of others. Also, they may be afraid that if they ask for what they want, you may refuse, so they try to manipulate you instead. Some manipulators have distorted thinking. They either believe they are superior

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