Annabel Lee Language Techniques

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Annabel Lee is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe.The poem focuses on an ideal love which is unusually strong. The narrator's actions show that he not only loves Annabel Lee, but he worships her, something he continues to do after her death. The narrator and Annabel Lee were children when they fell in love, and his love for her is so strong that he thinks the angels are jealous, shown in the quote "With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me" He also believes that the angels are responsible for her death, "The angels went envying her and me, yes that was the reason!...That the wind came out of the cloud at night, chilling and killing my Annabel Lee". The poem includes repetition of the line "In a kingdom by the sea" This gives the poem a fairy tale feel, and it seems to be there to give the reader an image of time and setting a long time ago from today. The sentence is repeated four times throughout the whole poem, but not a lot else is mentioned about the "kingdom", meaning a lot is left to our own imaginations. However, later on in the poem, the same sentence comes after "So that her highborn kinsman came". This creates an image of powerful people who may get what they want, without asking permission. This makes the kingdom a symbol of selfishness and cruelty. Several lines later, the sea is mentioned for the first time alone. In this line the sea is full with demons that want to tear him and Annabel apart. "Not even the demons down under the sea" creates a hellish image of the sea. Hell, where demons are thought to live, is imagined as being underground, but in Annabel Lee, the demons live under the sea. Sea is also the last word in the poem. "Sounding sea" leaves us with the familiar haunting image of an open lonely ocean. This line includes the use of alliteration, and the word "sounding" gives us an echoing feeling that fits with the
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