A Midsummer Night's Dream Comparison Essay

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A Midsummer night's Dream Comparison Essay This comparison essay will explore and state the similarities of Lysander and Demetruis. (Characters from a midsummer night's dream.) The two men that will be studied are fighting for Hermia's hand in marriage. But Hermia heart only belongs to one person and that is Lysander. Lysander and Demetruis fight for Hermia at the beginning of the play, but the fairies soon changed that, but the two men still portrayed the same characteristics. The first characteristic that Lysander and Demetruis have in common is that they are both affectionate. Lysander shows affection to Hermia. He has pledged his heart and soul to her. " I am belov'd of beauteous Hermia." Lysander professes his love to her in front of the Duke. Demetruis no longer loves Hermia but now loves Helena and confesses his love to her. "And all the faith, the virtue of my heart, the object and the pleasure of my eye is only Helena." Demetruis is telling Edgeus that he no longer loves his daughter Hermia but is now in love with Helena. Both Lysander and Demetruis show affection to their lover's Hermia and Helena. This affection goes on through the whole book. All through the book Demetruis and Lysander show there competitive side. The whole book is based around love and it just so happens to be what Lysander and Demetruis are fighting for. (The right to marry Hermia). At the beginning of the play Lysander protests the decision of Hermia's father. In a way he is competing against Demetruis for Hermia's hand in marriage. Lysander does everything he could of and it did not work that's why they ran away. " You have her fathers love Demetruis; Let me have Hermia: do u marry him. In a way he is implying that Demetruis and Edgeus are gay and they did not like that to much. Demetruis knows that Lysander loves Hermia more but he
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