Marcus Voltaire: A Short Story

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Marcus Voltaire rushed his way out of the cramped, insidious, gray halls of Calhoun Military Custodial Institute. It was disgusting him, the things these people had done to get them admitted here. One way or another, they had a thing in common: they had violated the rules of the government.The love he had for the government was common in their century. There were only a few who chose to question and defy the laws. He, along with a great number of people, had redeemed their perspectives in life with the prejudices that the government instructed. Besides, the government was the one in control, the one they should follow because for people like him, the government was a god. In his mind, the government should not be disrespected in any way. This…show more content…
You know what to do,” the commander sternly stated, slipping his large, hardened hand to the right as he showed his troops the information of the 19 convicts through a 46 x 50 holographic television. Marcus intently surveyed the screen,scanned their names and tried to remember the things they did. Most of them were men, and there were only two women. The first, which was about her late twenties, had brittle-looking, blonde hair and hollow, red eyes. The second, who had tousled, red hair with matching mossy green eyes, was about 16 years old. The former was condemned for selling crystal meth and the latter for stealing a pair of earrings. He didn't have the heart to doubt the government for condemning a person to die for stealing a pair of earrings. He bluntly assured himself that if that was what the regime reprimanded, he had no right to question it. They were given the instructions about the process that they would be following and the commander chose one cadet to be assigned for each convict. Incidentally, Marcus was paired with the red-headed girl. He paid no mind with the contract and made his way, together with his fellow cadets, towards the entrance where they would meet the convicts they were assigned to execute for their special…show more content…
He tried to fight for his life, pushing her away as strong as he can. He thought he was going to die. He thought he was going to die before he passed his militant’s test, but finding that he could finally breathe had led him to think otherwise. His sister was now on the far end of the room with her arms wrapped around her body. He tried to say something again, but this time, his sister finally spoke, “I’m no murderer,” she softly whispered, only enough for him to hear. His face was full of bewilderment. He continued to sit there, looking lost, but after a while, he got up and ordered the door to close behind him and lock the prisoner who finally made him doubt his decisions in life. The door immediately closed, with his mossy green eyes still eyeing his sister from the other side of the cold, metal door. He hurriedly walked towards the records’ department where all of the files of the prisoners were collected and stored. He looked both left and right; making sure no one was around. He entered the room, finding a passage. He followed the trail with haste and found himself being at the center of a circular ground. “Open,” he tried, making a large screen appear directly at him. “Good morning, Cadet Marcus Voltaire,” the voice from the screen spoke, “your thoughts have been previously calculated and here are the results.”The screen split into several holographic

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