Essay On Colonial Unity And Independence

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Unity or independence was very important to the colonists before the Revolutionary War because they didn’t have the rights we do today. Colonists couldn’t trade with the world, weren’t protected of their rights, imposed taxes, and a lot more. The king of the colonies had treated them with a lot of disrespect. He had not given them any freedom whatsoever, and had just made them follow his unjust rules and law. Although they knew the consequences or punishments for doing so, the colonists had found ways to smuggle. Some just ignored the rules and had done things their own way. The colonies were not at all close, and didn’t work to get close, either. Unity was important after the Revolutionary War to the colonists because they got the freedom…show more content…
Each piece represented a colony, but had not listed all 13. What this cartoon meant to show is that if the colonies worked together, they’d be much stronger, and would have much more power working with one another. But since the colonies are broken apart in the cartoon, they are much weaker. Document 3 is an engraving of the First Continental Congress, which has representatives from every colony except Georgia, showing that the group was gathered in Philadelphia to discuss problems with the British government. This was one action taken by almost all of the colonies to get rid of it, and was the first example of unity. Decisions being made by these colonies had benefited the colonies’ alliance. According to Document 4, because of the king’s tyrannical rule, colonists were not permitted to trade around the world; they were given specific colonies to trade with. The colonists were also being imposed of taxes without their consent, or being voiced. He deprived them of many cases of the benefits of trial by jury. Americans thought that the trial by jury was a necessary protection to the rights of individuals against the abuse of power by government. They believed that it was unfair. This document had also stated that the king plundered their seas, ravaged their coasts, burnt their towns, and basically destroyed their

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